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holiday rentals directly in Crete from  owners

No commissions : When you book a holiday rental directly from the owner

Short stay, rent a house in crete

By choosing to book directly, you cut out the middleman, allowing for direct communication with the property owners. This direct connection ensures that your preferences are understood and catered to, creating a tailor-made experience that suits your needs and desires.

Whether you seek a tranquil retreat in the countryside, a beachfront escape,the owners can provide you with the ideal accommodation.

Additionally, booking directly often comes with the added benefit of cost savings. Without the commission fees associated with third-party platforms, you can enjoy a more budget-friendly holiday without compromising on quality.

Your hard-earned money goes directly towards supporting the local community and the individuals who put their heart and soul into creating a home away from home for you.

Personalized experience: You can communicate with them directly and receive personalized recommendations for local attractions, restaurants, and activities. You can read in here our tips & hints in Crete for your vacation .

Lower cost:An average of 20% cheaper by avoiding fees and commissions than booking through platforms.

Flexible Dates: You  have more flexibility in terms of booking dates, for your arrival and departure times, and special requests.

Understanding of the property: Get an accurate, first-hand understanding of what to expect.

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